Fly on Iris

Fly on Iris

… as compared to a Fly in Aspic.

I had almost forgotten that I have an exceptionally nice Canon 100mm macro lens sitting in a dusty corner and thought to see how it would cope if fitted to the Sony a7ii camera … rather well is the answer, better, I suspect, than on the Canon bodies. This image is of a newly opened iris flower in the garden – as I was about to press the shutter release this tiny fly landed and was caught in the moment, as it were. The photographer in me says “serendipity” but the biologist wants to know what species this is. Diptera are very diverse and I am struggling between several superficially similar options. I now there are at least three professional entomologists that this will be shown to¬†– any ideas?

20160526-004 20160526-004-2

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