First warbler of the year

The predictions are that the small songbirds, warblers etc will start getting back into our area this week … indeed, odd individuals have turned up ahead of the rush.

Just after lunch today we had the first warbler of the year, and in the garden at that. Rather predictably it was a fine, plump, shiny Yellow-rumped Warbler (#57) who hopped about for a spell in the lilac and redwood trees in the far corner of the garden and allowed for some hand-held shots  which are below. Lots of Crow activity around the garden too – and collecting of nesting materials.

Later, I had to drop by the arboretum to see someone in the office and afterwards I took a short walk around the seed farm and the perimeter of the MBO where I added a pair of Wood Duck (#58) to the patch list.  There were also a large flock of Cedar Waxwings gorging on buckthorn berries and a grey-backed, heavy beaked bird that was probably smaller than my first impression … House Finch I imagine but it didn’t stay long enough to be sure. There is a huge film crew in the arbo for the next few days (Battle of Waterloo, apparently) making a heck of a din and a mess which is not going to aid the needy birder at all. I hope they are gone by next weekend.

Yellow-rumped Warbler
Yellow-rumped Warbler

2014-05-05_ 23

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