Not sure if this qualifies as “wildlife” for the purposes of this blogs theme, but when I opened up one of our compost heaps this morning in order to feed it a tasty meal of tea leaves and cabbage stalks I found a tiny garden of fairy parasols.

Are there any mycologists out there who could suggest an identity, I wonder? For my part, I believe these to be Marasmius sp. (see: – gills attached to a collar and not directly to the stem, so not the otherwise similar Gymnopus.

As these are “mushrooms” anyone wondering whether they are edible or not will be interested to learn that “The Collared Parachute mushroom is generally reported as being inedible, although why anyone would ever take on the task of collecting sufficient of these diminutive and insubstantial caps to make even a mushroom morsel never mind a meal is quite beyond comprehension.”

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