Doldrum birds

//Doldrum birds

Doldrum birds

Second half of July and it’s very hot and humid. All the birds have done their territorial and egg laying thing (all, that is, except American Goldfinches who are just getting started) and have pretty well stopped singing and are mostly skulking in the shade fattening up for migration.

Meanwhile, what there are a lot of are this years youngsters busy doing teenage things like flopping around in the sunshine making a nuisance of themselves while learning to find food, avoid cats and generally how to be a bird. This morning we had a mixed gang of mostly juvenile Common Grackles with the odd RW Blackbird and couple of Euro-Starlings nosily squabbling around our feeders. Yesterday, we were visited by a young Pileated Woodpecker who really wanted some of the peanuts – here’s his portrait.

2014-07-17b_ 1

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