Most readers will have deduced that this site is allied to the Sparroworks "empire" and so will be fascinated to learn that we now have an alternative logo for use when circumstances are suitable. The main logo remains the simple bird to the right, the new one is the featured image at the head of the post.        

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Far too soon for White-throated Sparrows ??

White-throated Sparrows are cheery little birds that we are always willing to give a welcome to as they pass through the Montreal region on their spring and fall migrations. Although they have been recorded here in every one of the twelve months of the year you can see from this abundance chart for Montreal, that they are normally with us only from mid April for a couple of weeks. ... eBird wanted proof of the [...]

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Snowshoe birds

This morning saw us setting forth for the first time this winter on snowshoes in beautiful -16C sunshine to do our scheduled shift at the MBO filling up the bird feeders. This is quite the highlight of our winter activities with sun, snow, birds and nobody else around. There was still ice from the freezing rain of mid-week on the trees and it was glistening in the light. Nothing special in the way of birds other [...]

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Bird Trends (Hudson CBC 1986-2015)

Prompted by the arrival in my inbox of the preliminary count data from the 2016 Hudson Christmas Bird Count and it being a bit chilly outside today - to say nothing of windy and with snow falling - I thought to myself, what better to be doing on New Year's Eve than to crunch some numbers. I think people will find this interesting - at least, the sort of people I know :) So - [...]

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Change of Venue

Now that Christmas 2016 is behind us and we are heading pell-mell into a new year, please note that Journal Articles will henceforth be published at the following address: All the old posts (see below) will reman here and all the other Sparroworks Wildlife Co. stuff such as guide books for sale etc will also remain on this site. Please don't ask why - but the reason is a good one.

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Feederwatch 2016/17 begins – 14 species

Unless something really unusual turns up over the winter we won't be posting weekly Feederwatch updates here, but thought it interesting to at least share the first recordings of the annual season. We scored 14 species, most of them regulars but worthy of note is the continuing presence of a small flock of House Finches accompanied by a solitary female Purple Finch and the presence of a White-throated Sparrow. WTSparrows have usually gone by this date [...]

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Observations on the latest “Bridge” Cameras for Birders

Are you a budding bird photographer, intimidated by the size, weight and price of profesisonal equipment? This may be of interest. “Bridge” or “Superzoom” cameras have been used for years by naturalists because of their portability and flexibility but other than for the convenient taking of record shots or of particularly obliging small birds sitting quietly close to the photographer they have generally been derided  as being “not real cameras”. Why? Because of their restricted [...]

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Quebec Colours

Another hotter-than-it-should-be day today with bright sun and blue skies called us out to do some more fall colour admiring (all the more so it seems we are now in for several wet days which will probably cause most of the leaves to fall off the trees). This time we went to the two nature parks at Anse-à l'Orme and Cap-St-Jacques and managed to see a few birds as well ... we took a lot [...]

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Scottish Wildlifing

We recently took a couple of weeks vacation on the Scottish west coast - pretty much at the end of a very long and narrow single-track road leading to nowhere very much. Glorious. There is an brief and illustrated trip report for you to enjoy here   Young Robin

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