The Copse – First Anniversary (+ some birds)

Last May, constant readers will recall, I wrote here ( about the start of a project in the Arboretum to plant and develop a so-called "Copse" of trees and shrubs that will bear a constant crop of native fruits for wildlife. As we went into winter the plantings had been completed, paths and a boundary had been defined and laid and there were even berries on the winterberry bushes to feed birds and small [...]

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First Snowdrops of 2017

Despite there still being plenty of snow around, it is pulling back in places. Yesterday, in a small patch at the base of a tree we noticed this Snowdrop bravely standing out from the leaf litter. We got a record shot then but today was time to try to be a bit more artistic. Here are two photos of the first snowdrop of 2017.

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Following a tip off from Michel, I visited one of the vernal pools on the Macdonald Farm fields this morning and added a nice pair of Gadwall to the year list with a bonus Killdeer thrown in for nothing. A rather understated but handsome bird, the Gadwall. Couldn't get very close to them but these pictures aren't too band, I think. Sadly, that pool will dry up before long and the farm will be ploughing [...]

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The Bird Magnet

The snow is gone, the days are warming up and the birds are slowly getting into spring mode ... so naturally, the pump is back in the Sparroworks pond and the bird-magnet waterfall is operating for another year. Here's one of the first of many users ... cooling off at the end of the day.

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A Fine Flurry of Finches

Reports are coming in from all over the west-of-Montreal area of a strong movement of winter finches heading back north this morning - one friend talks of 70 Pine Siskins interering with his photography as they land on his head !!  All very exciting. Another friend driving up to Montreal from the US border notes that huge flocks of Siskins are on the move today having over-wintered just south of the border in Vermont and [...]

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