A birder’s lot is quite a happy one

With Apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan When a birder’s not engaged in his employment Or revising his life-listing special plans His capacity for innocent enjoyment Is just as great as any honest man's Our froze-toes we with difficulty smother When feeder filling duty’s to be done We take one consideration with another A birder’s lot is quite a happy one Featured Image (Click to enlarge)

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“What a Dump!”

Overnight we enjoyed 32cm of snow on the West Island which, according to Environment Canada, is almost three times the previous record for this date at a mere 12cm - and it's still snowing. No complaints, this is Quebec and we have proper winters here, but it is also half way through March, the snow was melting, snowdrops were poking their heads out and birds were returning ... rather too early it seems. A couple [...]

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First Snowdrops of 2017

Despite there still being plenty of snow around, it is pulling back in places. Yesterday, in a small patch at the base of a tree we noticed this Snowdrop bravely standing out from the leaf litter. We got a record shot then but today was time to try to be a bit more artistic. Here are two photos of the first snowdrop of 2017.

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Snowshoe birds

This morning saw us setting forth for the first time this winter on snowshoes in beautiful -16C sunshine to do our scheduled shift at the MBO filling up the bird feeders. This is quite the highlight of our winter activities with sun, snow, birds and nobody else around. There was still ice from the freezing rain of mid-week on the trees and it was glistening in the light. Nothing special in the way of birds other [...]

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Finally frozen across

As the temperature heads down towards -16C later today (and -22C overnight) the series of images I have been taking in recent days along the bay is now complete with ice fully installed from bank to bank of the St-Lawrence.  It's a bit chilly outside, but a beautiful day. Love this time of the year. Two complementary pictures today.

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Patterns on the river ice

It's been snowing all day and I got cabin fever so wandered down to the bay for a poke about ... yesterday's sunshine and  first bits of river's-edge ice has changed a lot. The ice is now well out towards the main channel and the wind is moving the snow into interesting patterns on top of the new (and, it must be said, rather muddy) ice.

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