Reed Bunting … or in Canada perhaps a Sparrow?

Last week we were in England and while there were able to enjoy a visiting female Reed Bunting ((Emberiza schoeniclus) at a friend's feeder array. That's its picture above. Coming from Canada where there really are no "real" sparrows and where most so-called Sparrows are taxonomically Buntings, like the featured lady here, you could probably be forgiven if, catching only a quick glimpse, you thought that you had just seen an errant Song Sparrow in [...]

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Grand Manan/Fundy 2017 – #6: Dawn light, Puffins, Seals and Turnstones

SO … Finally, the chapter you have all been waiting for. We’ve had Whales and Owls and scenic views and 30,000 Sandpipers but now, at last, we have PUFFINS. Very much the target species for quite a few of the group. You asked, and we deliver. This last day of the tour was a very early start … dawn was still breaking as the boat left the harbour (just feast [...]

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Facebook and why I hate it (but have to use it)

A couple of times a week I post single photographs to my "alternative" Facebook page under the "Occasional Sparroworks" identification - see The pictures that I post there and which a lot of people tell me they enjoy, are ones that (I think) are a bit better than run of the mill snapshots and so I would like to enable people to see them at as high a quality as possible. I use Facebook for [...]

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Observations on the latest “Bridge” Cameras for Birders

Are you a budding bird photographer, intimidated by the size, weight and price of profesisonal equipment? This may be of interest. “Bridge” or “Superzoom” cameras have been used for years by naturalists because of their portability and flexibility but other than for the convenient taking of record shots or of particularly obliging small birds sitting quietly close to the photographer they have generally been derided  as being “not real cameras”. Why? Because of their restricted [...]

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