September Caterpillars

The weather has cooled off considerably, yesterday was steady rain all day and today is humid ... and suddenly we are noticing fat caterpillars. here are a couple that are quite interesting, and in the case of one really spectacular. The flashy one is the yellow. hairy chap heading this post. He was crawling across a rough stone wall surrounding a Japanese Acer and going at quite some speed. I am fairly sure this [...]

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A Micro-Moth

Today's moth is a really tiny one, less than 1cm across at rest and less than 2cm with wings spread. Spotted on a rose bush but that's not where it came from ... I am reasonably confident that this is an Orange-spotted Pyrausta (Pyrausta orphisalis) whose caterpillars feed on various plants of the mint family - including Monarda which we have a stand of to attract the Hummingbirds not far from where it was found. Rather a [...]

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Understanding the Underwings of Underwings

This was fun to identify ... well after dark last night, with all the windows and doors closed, a large (3cm+) moth was caught in the house. Taken outside it sat still just long enough for its portrait to be taken ... not as sharp as I would have liked, tungsten light, after dark, ISO6400 and a long exposure hand-held ... but you do what you can. Anyway ... obviously one of the "Underwings"  so [...]

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Innominate Moth

Back to moths agin today ... I am really getting to like these little guys and have a lot to (re) learn about them.  This fellow appeared on the window and happily let me photograph his underwings but flew off when I tried to get the dorsal surface so giving him a name is going to be tricky for me ... however size, shape, colours and the big, feather, bipectinate (lovely word) antennae make me [...]

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