The Copse – First Anniversary (+ some birds)

Last May, constant readers will recall, I wrote here ( about the start of a project in the Arboretum to plant and develop a so-called "Copse" of trees and shrubs that will bear a constant crop of native fruits for wildlife. As we went into winter the plantings had been completed, paths and a boundary had been defined and laid and there were even berries on the winterberry bushes to feed birds and small [...]

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Spring birds

On what will probably be our last visit to replenish the feeders at the MBO this winter we were very happy to see plenty of birds enjoying the warm sunshine and melting snow (there is a list below). A surprisingly high number of Purple Finch were around - we had had a couple in the garden yesterday as well - to the extent that eBird asked for confirmation of the numbers recorded. Red-winged Blackbirds conk-a-reeing [...]

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Far to the East

We arrived back from the UK late last night and up this morning to find a happy Song Sparrow hopping about the partially snowy garden and a noisy flypast of four Common Grackles and a bit later a Fox Sparrow. These will be species number 37, 38 and 39 for this year’s patch list. Song Sparrow Common Grackle Song Sparrow   Fox Sparrow Fox Sparrow [...]

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January’s 26 Bird Species – a summary

January is over and it has been a very cold month, cold even for Montreal, with lots of hard to walk on (and impossible to cycle on) ice. Nevertheless, within the patch - which is basically the areas I can walk, cycle or eventually canoe from home to Ste-Anne rapids, the Macdonald Campus and the Arboretum - we have turned up 26 species of birds without too much effort which gets us off to a [...]

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