A birder’s lot is quite a happy one

With Apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan When a birder’s not engaged in his employment Or revising his life-listing special plans His capacity for innocent enjoyment Is just as great as any honest man's Our froze-toes we with difficulty smother When feeder filling duty’s to be done We take one consideration with another A birder’s lot is quite a happy one Featured Image (Click to enlarge)

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Christmas Eve doing good …

Christmas Eve and our first shift of the winter filling the bird feeders at the banding station. A couple of friends and we two have divided the next three months up so that the feeders are replenished a couple of times a week at least between now and the end of March when, hopefully, spring will be in sight and regular banding/censusing can restart. Today was simply beautiful at -10C (so not too cold) [...]

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Spring birds

On what will probably be our last visit to replenish the feeders at the MBO this winter we were very happy to see plenty of birds enjoying the warm sunshine and melting snow (there is a list below). A surprisingly high number of Purple Finch were around - we had had a couple in the garden yesterday as well - to the extent that eBird asked for confirmation of the numbers recorded. Red-winged Blackbirds conk-a-reeing [...]

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Bohemian Waxwings

Doing our tasks up at the MBO this morning we found ourselves very close to a small flock of Bohemian Waxwings that were feasting on buckthorn berries in the thick hedge to the east of the site. Needless to say, I hadn't taken the camera as i wasn't expecting much to be around (one learns - won't do that again) but I did have my  iPhone so managed a couple of rather pixelated record shots [...]

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MBO bird feeder update

We will only be doing this until the end of the month when banding gets under way again, but this morning we went up to the MBO to top up the feeders. Last year there was a lot of bird activity but generally speaking this winter there have only been the regular Chickadees with occasional guest appearances by other species. There have been signs of a thaw recently, or at least I can say temperatures [...]

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Snow birds again – but spring is coming

We had plenty of snow yesterday and this morning it was -23C when we brewed the tea. Gorgeous sunshine and a snowshoe walk behind the arboretum produced some nice birds, and plenty of evidence that they are starting to think about spring already ... American Robin - there were a small flock of these moving aorund Black-capped Chickadee Red Squirrel ... zip, and he's gone Female Downy Woodpecker [...]

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Quiet morning

Pretty cold and bright today - and very few birds around. Chickadees, of course, perhaps a few more Woodpeckers than usual plus one Blue Jay, a couple of Euro-Starlings and one solitary American tree Sparrow so no pictures of wildlife to offer. Instead, here are some landscapes so at least my readers have something to look at ... including the local bee-yard all hunkered down in the cold. Snowy trail The old water [...]

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Feeder filling at the MBO

This week we are back on-shift for the winter topping up the feeders at the banding station (MBO). This is  really nice way to waste a couple of winter hours and today is gloriously sunny and bright but also (the price you pay for the sun) around -18C which is a bit trying to guys with old bones.  So, snowshoes strapped on and in we walked to do our duty.  The usual gang of regular [...]

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Not all birds

The insects in the garden are busy pollinating today - a pity some of them think that pollinating a dandelion is a good service to humanity. Nice bumblebee though - must try to work out what species of Bombus it might be. So - half an hour later, I get this message from my entomologist friend, Chris.  "Unidentified because you have been fooled by clever mimicry. This is actually a Syrphid fly. Maybe the genus Eristalis. [...]

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Breaking the Bird Barrier

Today was a beautiful day for birding - temperature in the low twenties, sunshine, cool breeze and companions to bird with (thanks Barbara, Francine and Georges). This was the annual Baillie Birdathon during which we were sponsored to see as many species as possible and thereby to raise money for Bird Studies Canada and the MBO. Other teams were on the same quest but our team is a green team and we did the whole [...]

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