Birds and Beavers at Kenauk 2014

KENAUK 7-12 September 2014 Being a brief and illustrated account of the most enjoyable wildlifing we know "West of Montreal”. This year was the 17th annual visit we have made to stay in the Kenauk nature sanctuary, now owned in good part by our friends at Nature Conservancy Canada (NCC). Always the same week of the year, always the same cabin on the same lake. When I say it's the best wildlifing I really mean [...]

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Red Squirrel

I think I am going to like this new lens a lot ... amazingly crisp and sharp. This is one of the years crop of "new" red squirrels making a good meal for him/herself. Aggressive little devils, but very photogenic.

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Mammal time

Racoons We only have a very small vegetable garden tucked away at the back of our large and bosky wildlife and flower garden. It has been enlarged this year as we were not sure what would take to the soil and the site. The plantings have been experimental in nature and included six or seven varieties of tomatoes "just to see". One of the varieties is the ubiquitous Sweet-100 cherry tomato - we have grown [...]

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Swallows and (not Amazons) Ravens

Another new species for the year ... the Cliff Swallows (#62) returned today to the old nest site under the platform of the weather radar dome at the entrance to the arboretum. I had checked yesterday and there was no sign of them but about 14 or so were whirling around there at shortly after mid-day today and checking things out. Once they are fully settled in I will go back and get some quality [...]

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Baffled by the squirrel-baffle

While waiting for some local water to open and the first migrating birds to start coming back it is perhaps an apposite moment to remind ourselves that "wildlife" is an all encompassing term and to remind ourselves of the cutest squirrels in the world ... and also the most aggressive. Our garden bird feeders are almost always knee-deep on gray squirrels that scarf down the reject seeds thrown out by the birds above but occasionally [...]

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Crossing the thirty barrier – plus one

Got held up this morning puzzling how to make a website I am developing for a research group into a multi-lingual site so were later than we would have liked setting out to the arboretum. Nevertheless, blue skies, fresh snow from yesterday, only two dogs as far as we could see, jolly cold and a couple of new birds for the year list ... Red-breasted Nuthatch (#29) and Merlin (#30). We also heard a very [...]

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The St-Andrews Foxes

I wrote a couple of days ago about the foxes we have been seeing around the town this winter and more recently along the road we live on. A friend of mine, Michel, who lives just up the road, was fortunate enough to have been able to get a photo of the fox that visited his garden earlier today on the hunt for squirrels. I am grateful to him for allowing me to share this [...]

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