Grand Manan/Fundy 2017 – #6: Dawn light, Puffins, Seals and Turnstones

SO … Finally, the chapter you have all been waiting for. We’ve had Whales and Owls and scenic views and 30,000 Sandpipers but now, at last, we have PUFFINS. Very much the target species for quite a few of the group. You asked, and we deliver. This last day of the tour was a very early start … dawn was still breaking as the boat left the harbour (just feast [...]

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Grand Manan/Fundy 2017 – #5: Burrowing Owl, Nelson’s Sparrow, a Forest, Indian Pipes & Misty Cliffs

This is the penultimate chapter in the account of island life. There will be a later addendum account of some interesting plants recorded, but for the birders and whalers we finish tomorrow with PUFFINS. Wednesday was a fascinating mix of good things, so there is a quite an eclectic mix here for you to enjoy. Stating with a visit to a saltmarsh reserve (Castalia Marsh) on the eastern shore of the island where a [...]

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Grand Manan/Fundy 2017 – #4: Seabirds, Whales (and Rick Mercer)

(The Puffins are coming - just not today.) This was a BIG day with lots happening. Tuesday had been forecast from a week beforehand to be wet - usually that means one of the days either side will be wet instead, but as the date approached it became clear rain really was in our future. The scheduled trip that day was to Machias Island for Puffins and Seals but fortunately Quest managed to renegotiate [...]

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Grand Manan/Fundy 2017 – Prologue

Lots of Photographs, lots of birds and a few whales and butterflies. We have just returned from a stupendous week of (mostly) intensive birding plus a bit of botanising in the Bay of Fundy that produced some amazing photographic opportunities we would like to share with our friends.  Usually, after these trips we produce a lengthy “trip report” but, let's face it, they can be just a bit too long for some, otherwise interested, [...]

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Scottish Wildlifing

We recently took a couple of weeks vacation on the Scottish west coast - pretty much at the end of a very long and narrow single-track road leading to nowhere very much. Glorious. There is an brief and illustrated trip report for you to enjoy here   Young Robin

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Kenauk for the day

This is the first year since 1998 that J and I will not be renting a cabin at Kenauk - for excellent reasons - and we had resigned ourselves to missing a September week in our favourite place on earth. Thus, it was a very welcome surprise to be invited by our friends at the Nature Conservancy (NCC) to spend an afternoon there in the company of a select group of sponsors and supporters … [...]

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Iceland – a synopsis

The first two weeks of July were passed in Iceland revelling in scenery, birds and flowers ... and eating lots of fish. For those readers who would enjoy more information and a larger selection of photographs than can be posted here, please head over to the trip report page where you can indulge yourselves in just a small selection of what we encountered. For those with only a few minutes to spare here are a very [...]

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Quiet morning

Pretty cold and bright today - and very few birds around. Chickadees, of course, perhaps a few more Woodpeckers than usual plus one Blue Jay, a couple of Euro-Starlings and one solitary American tree Sparrow so no pictures of wildlife to offer. Instead, here are some landscapes so at least my readers have something to look at ... including the local bee-yard all hunkered down in the cold. Snowy trail The old water [...]

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