“Our” Fox Sparrow

Fox Sparrows are not the commonest of the sparrows around here. Normally they pass through the area in a 10-14 day burst in spring and then back again after breeding. They nest in the forests north of Montreal. Numbers reported are usually quite low ... they normally start to build up about now and then are through and gone by the start of May. Occasional birds are seen during winter if and where they [...]

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Leaf Blowers – Noise Pollution

This in environmental post so appropriate for the Greenbirding website I think. This morning at 7:30 we were less than pleased to hear the penetrating noise of leaf blowers from a neighbours yard being wielded by their garden contractors. We thought they would be finished soon. We breakfasted, did some chores, went out for an hour and it is now 12:45pm and the blowers are still blasting away. Five hours plus! Is this reasonable? [...]

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Yet Another European Invader – The “Quebec Spider”

This chap should have been instantly identifiable when encountered as it is Araneus diadematis or the Cross Orb-weave Spider. However, one naturally thinks about Quebec native species and not the common or garden European garden Spider, which is what this chap actually is. Thought to have arrived in North America about a century ago and now well-settled. he was "venerated" in the middle ages because of the cross on his upper abdomen which gave [...]

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Messy Gardening

    This is the time of year when gardeners throughout the land start tidying up before the winter. Leaves are raked and bagged and put out by the kerbside to be collected, seed heads are chopped and a frenzy of neat-nickery inflicts our neighbours. Not necessary - not even desirable. Check out this link from Cornell University and Nature Conservancy's Habitat Network and learn how you and your garden wildlife will all [...]

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September Caterpillars

The weather has cooled off considerably, yesterday was steady rain all day and today is humid ... and suddenly we are noticing fat caterpillars. here are a couple that are quite interesting, and in the case of one really spectacular. The flashy one is the yellow. hairy chap heading this post. He was crawling across a rough stone wall surrounding a Japanese Acer and going at quite some speed. I am fairly sure this [...]

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Simultaneous Butterflies

These are not birds ... but they do fly. Warm sunshine in the garden today brought forth four species of butterflies at the same time. None of these are at all rare, but they are beautiful and they behaved exceptionally well for the photographer.  I have provided both spread wing and "head and antennae" images for each one.   Eastern Comma (Polygonia comma) Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta) Mourning Cloak (Nymphalis antiopa) Cabbage White (Pieris rapae) [...]

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Feederwatch 2016/17 begins – 14 species

Unless something really unusual turns up over the winter we won't be posting weekly Feederwatch updates here, but thought it interesting to at least share the first recordings of the annual season. We scored 14 species, most of them regulars but worthy of note is the continuing presence of a small flock of House Finches accompanied by a solitary female Purple Finch and the presence of a White-throated Sparrow. WTSparrows have usually gone by this date [...]

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Busy morning plus Two Orange Birds

There was a short flurry of activity early this morning with the dogwoods being bounced all over by small birds that then moved on ... had to find the camera and then wait for at least on bird to come into view and be photographed. It was the Chestnut-sided Warbler. Fall migration is getting underway.  Meanwhile, the Hummingbirds don't seem in a hurry to leave and have been going around the garden again feeding on the [...]

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As the light got dull this afternoon there was much sallying forth from the birch trees ... pout and back very fast and then hiding behind leaves was the game, but finally I got some pictures. Red-eyed Vireo (2) and a Least Flycatcher

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