Quebec Colours

Another hotter-than-it-should-be day today with bright sun and blue skies called us out to do some more fall colour admiring (all the more so it seems we are now in for several wet days which will probably cause most of the leaves to fall off the trees). This time we went to the two nature parks at Anse-à l'Orme and Cap-St-Jacques and managed to see a few birds as well ... we took a lot [...]

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Look carefully

Had to pass along L'Anse-Veaudreuil this morning so took the camera just in case there was something interesting on the water.  About 300-400 Canada Geese, of course, a couple of dozen Mallards and two little black and white ducks.  Scaup I thought, took a snap and drove off ... on examining the photographs at home though they revealed themselves to be Ring-necked Ducks and not Scaup at all. Not especially rare, but a first for this [...]

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Autumn arrives at the Arboretum

A gloriously warm and bright Thanksgiving drew us to the arboretum this morning along with a plenty of others ... we are not quite at peak colour yet (soon) but the next couple of days are forecast to be wet. Very few birds around due to the high number of people though Nuthatches were blowing their plastic squeakers not far away almost throughout our visit. The red squirrels were equally vociferous and looking forward to have [...]

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The Catbird and the Leaf

Pouring with rain this morning and a Gray Catbird thought that was a good reason to splash around for several minutes in one of our bird-baths ... in doing so he/she spotted a floating leaf and decided that was just the sort of thing a Catbird needed to have ...

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Warbler afternoon

A beautiful September day today with plenty of sun, blue skies but finally cooler temperatures. A cold front that passed through the area last night was predicted to bring a surge of migrating birds with it and sitting on the deck with afternoon tea we enjoyed a good selection including American Redstart (male and female), Black-throated Blue and Wilson's Warblers and a few others that did not sit still for the camera. Black-throated Blue [...]

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Golden leaves and unexpected birds

This Thanksgiving weekend was supposed to be devoted to important gardening, there being much to do in the fall not least of which is planting the garlic ... but it's a gloriously bright and sunny day and the arboretum was calling. It's leaf-peeping season again and what else can a gardener do but gather up his camera and landscape lenses and set forth. Indeed the trees were wonderful - and there is a gallery of [...]

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Busy day with Juncoes

Winter, or at least cooler weather, must be on its way - despite the Indian Summer we have had recently. A couple of days ago we saw a small group of Juncoes in the garden and around noon today they returned with a pair of  White-throated Sparrows, a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, a couple of Ruby-crowned Kinglets amongst others. The Juncoes were amusing - one at least was really keen to get into the bird-bathing-pool but kept [...]

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Birds and Beavers at Kenauk 2014

KENAUK 7-12 September 2014 Being a brief and illustrated account of the most enjoyable wildlifing we know "West of Montreal”. This year was the 17th annual visit we have made to stay in the Kenauk nature sanctuary, now owned in good part by our friends at Nature Conservancy Canada (NCC). Always the same week of the year, always the same cabin on the same lake. When I say it's the best wildlifing I really mean [...]

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A Slow Day – in two places

Up early this morning and took myself off to the bPQ field trip that was birding “The Pits” at St-Lazare … a place made world famous for its huge variety of species by my friend Mark, who has been there seemingly every day for the past umpteen years. I am not a field trip birder, usually far too many people and while it’s nice to catch up on the news of the day it does [...]

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More Fall Warbling

Still in the garden, noon-ish today brought forth a small group of mixed species passing through on their way to the south ... Cape May and Blackpoll warblers, a Red-eyed Vireo and two or three House Finches. Cape May Warbler Blackpoll Warbler Red-eyed Vireo House Finch Red-eyed Vireo

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