Government crackdown

You will all be already aware of the crackdown by the government on inconvenient conservation charities - they are doing this by telling the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to conduct audits on political activities and threatening the withdrawal of charitable status. This cartoon appeared in the Globe and Mail newspaper this morning - sums it all up very nicely.

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Birds and Beavers at Kenauk 2014

KENAUK 7-12 September 2014 Being a brief and illustrated account of the most enjoyable wildlifing we know "West of Montreal”. This year was the 17th annual visit we have made to stay in the Kenauk nature sanctuary, now owned in good part by our friends at Nature Conservancy Canada (NCC). Always the same week of the year, always the same cabin on the same lake. When I say it's the best wildlifing I really mean [...]

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Vote for Bob

OK - I know I live in Canada these days but what happens to wildlife in the UK is still pretty important for me and, well for everyone because once one rich country forgets what matters others will follow them into the abyss. You can vote for Bob from a Canadian address and you don't even have to be a UK citizen to do so ... so add your voice to Bob's campaign today.

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