Leaf Blowers – Noise Pollution

This in environmental post so appropriate for the Greenbirding website I think. This morning at 7:30 we were less than pleased to hear the penetrating noise of leaf blowers from a neighbours yard being wielded by their garden contractors. We thought they would be finished soon. We breakfasted, did some chores, went out for an hour and it is now 12:45pm and the blowers are still blasting away. Five hours plus! Is this reasonable? [...]

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Summer Conservation Project

I have spent much of this summer working with other volunteers from the Friends of the Morgan Arboretum to renovate and recreate a new trail in the Arboretum. It will be formally opened on Sunday. I thought readers of this journal would enjoy taking a short photographic walk along the trail and finding out why I have had such fun in excellent company. Follow the link below:  

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New Purple Martin House in Baie-D’Urfé

A thriving nesting colony of Purple Martins have been busy on the lakeshore beside the Baie-D'Urfé town hall for many years now, raising young in a nesting unit raised on a tall pole near the water. Their old “condo-building” has been showing its age for a while now and the pole it is mounted on was being eaten away by rust. Five pairs of adults succeeded in raising young in the summer of 2015. [...]

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Kenauk for the day

This is the first year since 1998 that J and I will not be renting a cabin at Kenauk - for excellent reasons - and we had resigned ourselves to missing a September week in our favourite place on earth. Thus, it was a very welcome surprise to be invited by our friends at the Nature Conservancy (NCC) to spend an afternoon there in the company of a select group of sponsors and supporters … [...]

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In search of the Goglu …

We have been Bobolinking again. An area of fields and woodland within my birding patch (owned by the city - restricted access so if you wish to see them too you need to get a permit to enter the site) is being surveyed for Bobolinks (in French called "Goglu" - a more apposite name, I think, once you have heard their song) and once again we are involved.  Today was the first formal survey and J [...]

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Cleaning out

We had an Eastern Phoebe in the garden this morning, two of them actually. After breakfast we walked down to the lakeshore to check the Purple Martin houses for returning tenants. J saw an overflying female but no sign yet that they are taking up residence.  However, we encountered a chap from the boating club who was cleaning out the PUMA house on their land and were able to give him a hand put it up again and also [...]

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Saving the Kestrel Fields

While not in any way intending to start a campaign, I am concerned about some amazing birding fields about 20 minutes from home that are under threat from 5000 houses and a major feeder road - but that's alright, says a local politician, because there will 10% green space amongst the houses and that's just fine. Right. What I am doing is trying to collate the information there is about the wildlife on the Kestrel [...]

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Conserving the common species …

Although I began my birding with an interest in listing, and although I still keep lists of what I have seen (and not only birds), the advent of "GreenBirding", the need to keep our carbon emissions down, a need to know things with greater depth than width and my training as a biologist have turned my focus in recent years and I am more and more interested in the creatures and plants that we live [...]

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Government crackdown

You will all be already aware of the crackdown by the government on inconvenient conservation charities - they are doing this by telling the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to conduct audits on political activities and threatening the withdrawal of charitable status. This cartoon appeared in the Globe and Mail newspaper this morning - sums it all up very nicely.

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Birds and Beavers at Kenauk 2014

KENAUK 7-12 September 2014 Being a brief and illustrated account of the most enjoyable wildlifing we know "West of Montreal”. This year was the 17th annual visit we have made to stay in the Kenauk nature sanctuary, now owned in good part by our friends at Nature Conservancy Canada (NCC). Always the same week of the year, always the same cabin on the same lake. When I say it's the best wildlifing I really mean [...]

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