Filling Feeders

It's starting to get cold - a short flurry earlier today and minus 8C tonight ... so the seed in the feeders is becoming more important for the resident birds. Naturally our feeders are up and running - two poles with eight separate food hoopers, tunes, trays etc containing a mixture of appealing goodies are all in place and being used. Very important for data gathering during the "Feederwatch" season. But that's not all - [...]

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On the second (or third) day of spring …

Depending on how you count it and where you live on the planet, today is the second or third day of spring ... and outside it is snowing hard with 20cm or more promised by the end of the day. The migrating birds are stuck hundreds of miles to the south. Hopefully all those 100+ new daffodils I planted last fall are under the white stuff ready to go when the sunlight hits them. Meanwhile, [...]

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Apparently 25% of the snow fall each winter around here comes after March 1 ... and yesterday's dump provided about 200% of that 25%.  A cheery chap from Environment Canada said that we shouldn't grumble because it is the transition between winter and spring temperatures that creates ideal conditions for snow and thus a big March dump means spring is on its way. Right. Anyway, the white stuff finally stopped late morning after over 24 [...]

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Late winter birds

Minus 20C at morning tea time today was not a good sign ... these are temperatures more usual in mid January than early March but by the time we were ready to sally forth the numbers were up about 8 or 9 degrees and the sun was shining bright and clear from a blue sky. In other words, a beautiful late winter day to go out and see what was happening in the bird world. [...]

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Mr Titmouse again – and friends

Another cold day tramping around on snowshoes did not bring us any new species for the year but we managed to re-acquaint ourselves again with the Tufted Titmouse as well to enjoy as a fly-by by a Red-tailed Hawk. Species for the day were  eleven in all and comprisedTufted Titmouse, Red-tailed Hawk, American tree Sparrow, White-throated Sparrow, House Finch, Northern cardinal, Downy Woodpecker, Euro-Starling, Black-capped Chickadee, Dark-eyed Junco, Blue Jay. Nice to get out in the crisp snow after a [...]

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Ravens at dusk

I went back to the arboretum just before dusk this evening to prowl the area of the pinery and try to locate the Great Horned Owls that have been calling at dusk recently but serious cold magnified by standing about listening limited my time in the vicinity somewhat. At one point I did hear a single “call” from the right area but it was brief and fleeting and I don't want to add the bird [...]

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Far too cold

Not too cold a day, today - compared to recent days we reached a balmy  -10C this afternoon and the sun was shining and the sky was blue so I decided another check of the Ste-Anne locks and rapids was in order to see if any more waterfowl had turned up. Really wasn't productive - four of the five Common Mergansers I found there a week or so ago were still lurking but with their [...]

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A really early bird (Bigby 23)

This morning J and I were on duty to top up the bird feeders at the MBO banding station. Bitterly cold (-20C or thereabouts) with a clear, blue skies. Snowshoeing into the site we were loudly scolded by Blue Jays and the Chickadee sentinels came to hurry us along our way. Having filled the feeders we stepped back to watch the birds come and feed when J looked across to a nearby dense shrub and [...]

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Not a Snowy

Just across the Ile-aux-tortes bridge that takes the TransCanada Highway off Montreal island is a growing out of town shopping complex. Between those stores and the highway is a lot of flat land and a deep ditch filled with rushes and cat-tails that must also be filled with rodent life ... perfect for Snowy Owls, in fact, and a few have been seen there this winter. Part of this mall is just within the boundaries [...]

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Carolina Wren Movements

The power of eBird is proving useful once again. You can visit their site and see where any species of bird has been reported. For several years we have been intrigued by the presence of Carolina Wrens in our garden and neighbourhood. This is at the very northernmost extent of their range - it isn't so much the cold that knocks them back as the availability or not of food sources. There is a paper [...]

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