September Caterpillars

The weather has cooled off considerably, yesterday was steady rain all day and today is humid ... and suddenly we are noticing fat caterpillars. here are a couple that are quite interesting, and in the case of one really spectacular. The flashy one is the yellow. hairy chap heading this post. He was crawling across a rough stone wall surrounding a Japanese Acer and going at quite some speed. I am fairly sure this [...]

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Tuffty the Caterpillar

Found this afternoon on the leaves of a large canna lily in the garden was this spectacular caterpillar of the White-marked Tussock Moth (Orgyia leucostigma) ... such a gorgeous creature, but not one you want to touch as those setae are very brittle, stick in your skin and "inject" a rather painful allergenic and irritant liquid. Why it was on the canna lily one can only speculate. They have 140 or so known food plants but [...]

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