Northern Crescents and Trail Maps

There were some exceptionally heavy storms in this part of Quebec yesterday so we changed our usual “Wednesday Wander” in the Arboretum to a walk of equivalent distance along the riverside in Cap-St-Jacques - for the exercise and to see what was around. A couple of years ago I added a Guide to West Island Birding Sites to my small collection of free guidebooks. I think it is useful and lots of people have [...]

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Grand Manan/Fundy 2017 – #5: Burrowing Owl, Nelson’s Sparrow, a Forest, Indian Pipes & Misty Cliffs

This is the penultimate chapter in the account of island life. There will be a later addendum account of some interesting plants recorded, but for the birders and whalers we finish tomorrow with PUFFINS. Wednesday was a fascinating mix of good things, so there is a quite an eclectic mix here for you to enjoy. Stating with a visit to a saltmarsh reserve (Castalia Marsh) on the eastern shore of the island where a [...]

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Grand Manan/Fundy 2017 – Prologue

Lots of Photographs, lots of birds and a few whales and butterflies. We have just returned from a stupendous week of (mostly) intensive birding plus a bit of botanising in the Bay of Fundy that produced some amazing photographic opportunities we would like to share with our friends.  Usually, after these trips we produce a lengthy “trip report” but, let's face it, they can be just a bit too long for some, otherwise interested, [...]

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Simultaneous Butterflies

These are not birds ... but they do fly. Warm sunshine in the garden today brought forth four species of butterflies at the same time. None of these are at all rare, but they are beautiful and they behaved exceptionally well for the photographer.  I have provided both spread wing and "head and antennae" images for each one.   Eastern Comma (Polygonia comma) Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta) Mourning Cloak (Nymphalis antiopa) Cabbage White (Pieris rapae) [...]

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Confusing Blue Butterfly – a Cautionary Tale

Another beautiful sunny day butterfly put in an appearance and for once opened its wings briefly so that I could get good views of both upper and lower surfaces. Actual identification was not easy ... to be honest I initially had it down as a Northern Blue Butterfly (Lycaeides argyrognomon) until I checked their range and found they are a western species ... so I thought again and read some more and and decided that [...]

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Having a couple of spare hours this morning I realised that it's over a year since I was last at the Ile-Bizard nature park so off I went for a walk along the passarelle. Warm and humid and pleasantly few people out there to get in the way but also not that many birds on display either. Turtles on logs, a couple of Kingfishers, GBHerons, Common Merganser, an excess of Mallards and invisible chittering from [...]

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Pieris rapae – Cabbage White Butterfly

Probably the commonest butterfly on the planet, but not to be sniffed at for all that. Really the Cabbage White Butterfly (Pieris rapae) is a very attractive little creature if you can persuade it to sit still just long enough to have i’s portrait taken … this one was stalked for ten minutes before I could “digitally collect” its likeness. Note the long proboscis inserted into the flower.

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