Brambling* Around the Creepery Forest

Chris and I were leading a group of about 17 BPQ birders around the arboretum this morning. Lovely, bright morning but a good few degrees below zero and a distinct “winter is coming” feel to things. Brding was quiet, as expected, but we nothched up some 18 species (listed below) and everyone got some useful excercise. Roughly one species per person present which seems to be the mark of a sucessful birding trip. I [...]

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Hard Bird Slogging

This morning I was booked to lead a birding field trip in the Arboretum … this winter one I usually lead people along the snowshoe trail and last year the day was cold, bright and contained three Owls, one ripping a squirrel to pieces which was a lot of fun. This morning the weather was unseasonably warm with a few inches of overnight snow but at kick-off time this morning it had turned to light [...]

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New Purple Martin House in Baie-D’Urfé

A thriving nesting colony of Purple Martins have been busy on the lakeshore beside the Baie-D'Urfé town hall for many years now, raising young in a nesting unit raised on a tall pole near the water. Their old “condo-building” has been showing its age for a while now and the pole it is mounted on was being eaten away by rust. Five pairs of adults succeeded in raising young in the summer of 2015. [...]

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Cleaning out

We had an Eastern Phoebe in the garden this morning, two of them actually. After breakfast we walked down to the lakeshore to check the Purple Martin houses for returning tenants. J saw an overflying female but no sign yet that they are taking up residence.  However, we encountered a chap from the boating club who was cleaning out the PUMA house on their land and were able to give him a hand put it up again and also [...]

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A triple owl day …

Earlier today I was leading a Bird protection Quebec field trip along the snowshoe trail in the arboretum. By gum, to say nothing of by t’eck (I’m tri-lingual, I speak Yorkshire too when stressed), it were reet cold this morning, proper parky like. But despite that a dozen brave souls turned out for what proved to be a very successful morning’s forest birding. Just the right size for a group outing. We have not organised [...]

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Peregrine Falcons at the AKNR (with video)

Birding outside our patch for a change today as we were leading a field trip for Bird Protection Quebec at the Alfred Kelly Nature Reserve, about an hour north of Montreal. Gratifyingly there were 20 birders who decided to brave the hot trails and come along to see what was happening. Thank you all for showing confidence in your leader by rising so early on a Sunday morning. I had rashly “promised” Peregrine Falcons... maybe [...]

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Peripheral note …

Last night, after three years running the shop, I ceased being president of Bird Protection Quebec and will now have more time to go out actually birding. I remain as a director with a couple of important committees to run though so I can start a new career as a thorn in the side of the new officers. :)  

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BEST day of the year

What a great day - ending with our year list (within our self-imposed 8km from home radius, we are not counting birds seen outside that circle) reaching 87 species and the garden list now standing at 41 species for the year. The day started with new birds in the garden - as usual, every one of them attracted to the small waterfall emptying into our garden pool. We added four species to our garden list for the year [...]

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Productive morning with owls

Gradually birds are arriving and four species have been added to my year list - all of these at the arboretum. Bird of the day, undoubtedly, was a Great-horned Owl (#65) on her nest. I had seen the nest a few weeks ago but the owl wasn't there at the time and so this was not a hard bird to find (and no, the location is not to be shared in this forum other than to [...]

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Two new but not very green species

Had to get in the car to go birding today. BPQ had organised a field trip onto Mont-St-Grégoire this morning to be followed by lunch at a cabane-à-sucre which is not something  to be missed by any many with an appetite in Québec. It had been raining all night and was still drizzling on the hour or so drive over but shortly after we arrived things dried up and while grey and cold the walking [...]

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