Two Books for Sharing

Over the winter months I have read and enjoyed two stunning and very different books, one at the start of winter and one at the end, that each spoke to me and the way I view and interact with natural things. We all have sources that we enjoy and learn from, but these two are ones that I want to share and encourage all my friends to try to find and read too (it [...]

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Good Neighbours?

We often have a tendency to believe that other species, and birds in particular, live lives of peace and goodwill to all other creatures. Quite unlike we wicked humans. Not so, not at all so. I happened upon the following account of the home life of Cliff Swallows while re-reading Colin Tudge’s excellent book, The Secret Life of Birds. Here is the real community spirit of our avian friends … (quote): The sexual and social [...]

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On Simply Finding “Something to Read”

After 50+ years of reading an unbalanced proportion of mystery/whodunnit books, I recently came to the conclusion that there are almost no new and original plots and it’s finally time to seek out the occasional book in a different genre. I don’t want anything unusual, all I want is a good story well told … but heavens that is proving pretty damned hard to find. And so, earlier today I put out an appeal via [...]

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