Bird Observation Probabilities

The data provided to us by eBird is enormously helpful to birders but sometimes they don't supply just what you want to have. This being a cold and damp day, quite unsuitable for comfortable outdoor productive birding, I decided to see if I could extract some data I think would be particularly useful. So - here's the question. What is the probability of seeing species-X at site-Y in a given month or season? eBird don't [...]

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Redpoll day

At last, the Common Redpolls have done the decent thing and visited the garden .... albeit briefly. About time too. Common Redpoll Common Redpoll Common Redpoll Mr Cardinal Mrs. Cardinal  

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A Round-up of my Local Birding Year

I have put together a brief and illustrated summary of the highlights of 2014, my first year of really concentrated local birding. It's a bit over long however for a blog post so I have elevated it to the status of having a page all to itself. You can see it at

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Golden leaves and unexpected birds

This Thanksgiving weekend was supposed to be devoted to important gardening, there being much to do in the fall not least of which is planting the garlic ... but it's a gloriously bright and sunny day and the arboretum was calling. It's leaf-peeping season again and what else can a gardener do but gather up his camera and landscape lenses and set forth. Indeed the trees were wonderful - and there is a gallery of [...]

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Quiet time with gulls

Pretty quite around here at the moment while I wait for the arrival of the "interesting" ducks. Driving along Lakeshore earlier I saw a small duck, not a Mallard, but nowhere to park. Grabbed camera at home and returned - whatever it was had paddled off leaving a couple of Mallards and a gaggle of Gulls, boring Ring-bills at that, but they gave me the chance for a nice pair of photographs to entertain my [...]

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Turning seasons

We are having a few pleasant days of Indian Summer right now and yesterday (camera less) there was a large raft of Canada Geese and assorted ducks in the bay opposite the campus. Later in the day I went better prepared only to find that the geese raft had diminished to a dozen birds way out in the river and the remaining ducks were four Mallards, one being a male on the edges of the [...]

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Garden migration

Just before lunch, the day being cool and cloudy, a small flock of assorted birds all heading determinedly southwards, moved through the garden - including many BC Chickadees, some 30 American Goldfinch, four Blue-headed and one Red-eyed Vireos, a NOFL, and a half dozen Ruby-crowned Kinglets. Red-eyed Vireo Northern Flicker having a bathe Squirrel eyeing up the birds' water

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#121 and others

A serendipitous day ... Returning from a meeting in Ste-Anne I saw a GB Heron working the riverside shallows just off the Macdonald Campus so wandered down to the waters' edge to get a couple of photographs ... photographs duly taken I noticed further out on the river a pair of American Black Duck - #121 for the year's patch list. Nice. Later in the afternoon, a Ruby-throated Hummingbird diligently worked the bright red flowers [...]

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120 up

As previously reported, things are rather hot and doldrummy at the moment with bird activity being spotty at best so when we went for a stroll down to the lake-river shore this afternoon I didn't expect to add a new species to the patch list for the year. We said hello to the Purple Martins that live by the boat club ramp and watched a RB Gull with a damaged wing wandering across the grass [...]

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Hot day activity

It's a very hot day today, not as hot as it will get later this summer but quite hot enough thank you. We have lots of junior birds and their parents around the neighbourhood ... the Song Sparrow family have been taking cooling baths and the junior Downy Woodpeckers are making life hard for their parents by begging for peanuts. Feeling cooler already Rummage - rummage Just tidy up those [...]

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