Banding the Baie-D’Urfé Purple Martins

Purple Martins are a vulnerable species, almost entirely reliant on human-provided nest boxes for breeding. Managing and maintaining their populations depends on good information about their behaviour and migration patterns which, in turn, is accomplished by the use of banding. The bands are federally controlled leg bands applied to the legs of the young approximately two and a half weeks before they fledge; if and when the birds are handled again in future seasons the [...]

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NOT Banding Purple Martins

Up early this morning with the intention of banding the young Purple Martins before they leave the nest. On the positive side, we were relieved to find that the raising/lowering mechanism on the colony works as well as it did when first erected but on the negative side we found once we could see inside that although there were several nests with young in (and one with four eggs) the birds were too young to be [...]

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