Ready for the Purple Martins

Together with Jean Demers from Bird Protection Quebec this morning we lowered and cleaned out the Purple Martin house on the lakeshore grounds of the Baie-D'Urfé town hall and prepared it for the soon to be returning birds. This PUMA "condo" was donated to the town three years ago by BPQ and is an important addition to the support system for these vulnerable birds. The featured picture heading this post shows the tenants living [...]

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“Our” Fox Sparrow

Fox Sparrows are not the commonest of the sparrows around here. Normally they pass through the area in a 10-14 day burst in spring and then back again after breeding. They nest in the forests north of Montreal. Numbers reported are usually quite low ... they normally start to build up about now and then are through and gone by the start of May. Occasional birds are seen during winter if and where they [...]

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