Leaf Blowers – Noise Pollution

This in environmental post so appropriate for the Greenbirding website I think. This morning at 7:30 we were less than pleased to hear the penetrating noise of leaf blowers from a neighbours yard being wielded by their garden contractors. We thought they would be finished soon. We breakfasted, did some chores, went out for an hour and it is now 12:45pm and the blowers are still blasting away. Five hours plus! Is this reasonable? [...]

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Arboretum addendum – with audio

While walking the Orange trail yesterday (see the previous post here for details and photographs) I was experimenting with recording bird songs using my iPhone and the Røde audio recording app. In the summer months there are lots of Red-eyed Vireos singing in the forest and I turned the microphone on what I thought was one just off the trail (I never saw it) and got a good, clear recording with frog croak accompaniment from [...]

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Music sharing test

This is an experimental post to check out a new means of sharing music on my website.  This randomly selected sample track is actually streaming from Spotify which, I have to say, is an excellent streaming service. The point of the experiment is that the audio quality should be MUCH better than most of the alternatives which apply compression to audio files (yes, Facebook, I am looking at you). I don't expect to be using this often - [...]

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