Searching for a Seat

I was "commissioned" to seek out and photograph a memorial seat recently placed in the Morgan Arboretum by Bird Protection Quebec as a memorial to Michael Spencer - naturalist, birder, arboretum denizen and one-time President of BPQ. All we knew was that it was "near the black walnuts". Well, mission accomplished ... and what a gorgeous place this is to have as your memorial. The black walnut trees are just north of the main trail [...]

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Summer Conservation Project

I have spent much of this summer working with other volunteers from the Friends of the Morgan Arboretum to renovate and recreate a new trail in the Arboretum. It will be formally opened on Sunday. I thought readers of this journal would enjoy taking a short photographic walk along the trail and finding out why I have had such fun in excellent company. Follow the link below:  

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