Arboretum Trail Guide – Coming Soon

Seeking your ideas and input ... Following the success of the Guide to Birding in the Arboretum that was released a couple of years ago, the final touches are being put to an arboretum trail guide that is planned to be available before the spring. It will be in the form of a PDF or EPUB file plus an accompanying smartphone app. This guide (which will be free) will introduce all the main, named, [...]

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Working at the Copse – June Update

It's June at The Copse The "Forest Gardeners", a subset of the Friends of the Morgan Arboretum, have been working in and around the Copse area of the Arboretum to make sure that all of the plantings we placed last summer have come through the winter and are thriving. Today when we arrived in warm, but not too warm, sunshine we found that an Indigo Bunting was serenading us from the nearby trees and [...]

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The Copse – First Anniversary (+ some birds)

Last May, constant readers will recall, I wrote here ( about the start of a project in the Arboretum to plant and develop a so-called "Copse" of trees and shrubs that will bear a constant crop of native fruits for wildlife. As we went into winter the plantings had been completed, paths and a boundary had been defined and laid and there were even berries on the winterberry bushes to feed birds and small [...]

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A birder’s lot is quite a happy one

With Apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan When a birder’s not engaged in his employment Or revising his life-listing special plans His capacity for innocent enjoyment Is just as great as any honest man's Our froze-toes we with difficulty smother When feeder filling duty’s to be done We take one consideration with another A birder’s lot is quite a happy one Featured Image (Click to enlarge)

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Christmas Eve doing good …

Christmas Eve and our first shift of the winter filling the bird feeders at the banding station. A couple of friends and we two have divided the next three months up so that the feeders are replenished a couple of times a week at least between now and the end of March when, hopefully, spring will be in sight and regular banding/censusing can restart. Today was simply beautiful at -10C (so not too cold) [...]

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Brambling* Around the Creepery Forest

Chris and I were leading a group of about 17 BPQ birders around the arboretum this morning. Lovely, bright morning but a good few degrees below zero and a distinct “winter is coming” feel to things. Brding was quiet, as expected, but we nothched up some 18 species (listed below) and everyone got some useful excercise. Roughly one species per person present which seems to be the mark of a sucessful birding trip. I [...]

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Bird Observation Probabilities

The data provided to us by eBird is enormously helpful to birders but sometimes they don't supply just what you want to have. This being a cold and damp day, quite unsuitable for comfortable outdoor productive birding, I decided to see if I could extract some data I think would be particularly useful. So - here's the question. What is the probability of seeing species-X at site-Y in a given month or season? eBird don't [...]

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Join us on an Autumn Walk in the Forest

A very mild and unusually wet year followed by a far too warm start to autumn and a few weeks of unexpected dry weather has played around with the arrival of the real, Quebec autumn colours in the trees which ought to have been past their peak by now but in fact are only this week starting to develop. This won't be an outstanding year for colour as we are anticipating leaves will fall [...]

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