Today in the Arboretum

What a difference a few days make at this time of the year ... here is the entrance to the Orange Trail just west of the Conservation Centre on 3 May and again today (17 May). The pictures below are of the same stretch of the trail at the same time of day. Last week we took a detailed walk around the Orange Trail specifically focussed on the ephemeral flowers that briefly show themselves in the [...]

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We took an excursion down to Pointe-des-Cascades this morning to see what might be about. One thing that was about was a water rescue practice session for which they had closed off the pier at the opening to the canal so we were not able to get along it and close to the tern rocks. Another time. Green Frog Many frogs of all sizes and species hopping about in the grass, a beautiful [...]

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Wildlifing at Covey Hill

Yesterday was an interesting day indeed.  The NCC had invited a small group of selected supporters to visit the Covey Hill reserve down by the US border - a reserve which BPQ had been instrumental in funding the preservation of some 20 years or so ago. The day was wet and cold all day (November in Quebec) but a lot of fun.  Covey Hill is an acid soil and peat bog habitat on top of [...]

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A new area to bird

Up betimes (as they say) and out for a morning spent in the welcome company of Joel Coutu walking the fields and copses just to the south of Cap-St-Jacques nature park and east of the Anse-a-l'Orme nature park within my wildlife circle. A very interesting area indeed - primarily abandoned and now unfarmed fields with overgrown hedges and some small copses with more extensive woodland where it abuts the Anse-a-l'Orme park. Quite hard going as [...]

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Really getting things started

Not a birding post - not a bird in sight. So, the previous posts on this blog were really just to get my hand in though if you are new to this site, which is probable as it has not been promoted prior to today, you might like to scroll down and look at the post just prior to this one for a really cute squirrel video. To begin at the begining - yesterday I [...]

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