Bringing up Junior

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Bringing up Junior

Over the years we have had occasional Great Crested Flycatchers visiting the garden for a snack but their appearances have been sporadic at best. This year, as alluded to in an earlier post, it seems that we have been host to the raising of a new family of the birds – though the location of their nest has not been identified. GC Flycatchers are the only flycatcher that is a cavity nester so we need to poke about amongst older trees and neighbours snags.

Usually their ‘whoop’ (or ‘whit’ – depends on who describes it) calls ring out aorund the cocktail hour and as these hot and muggy days are seeing us spending more pre-prandial time with a cool glass of something on the deck recently perhaps that is shy we have managed to become more aware of their activities. A couple of days ago one parent was zipping around collecting grubs while the other sat on a discretely shady branch, juveniles all wings-a-flutter, waiting for the meals to be delivered. Lats night we saw just one adult and young  but I managed to get a nice set of photographs of the interactions – see below.

I was intrigued to see the size of the insects being brought along as the parent was working the upper branches of our dogwoods for the most part and there is little obviously available there to our eyes … but then, we are not parent birds.

2014-07-21_ 34

2014-07-22_ 3

2014-07-22_ 4

2014-07-22_ 7

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