Big, Sad Bug

//Big, Sad Bug

Big, Sad Bug

A friend, yesterday, accused me of being a “closet entomologist” (and he’s a professional, so he should know 😉 ) so moving on from the pretty butterflies of my last post we find ourselves staring at the kitchen window and really rather large bug.

A true bug, in fact, using the word in it’s proper sense. This big, brown chap is a bit over an inch long and decided to check out what we were doing from the security of the other side of a sheet of glass. It’s a Squash Bug (Anasa tristis) and a major pest of cucurbitae, especially squash. None of those are grown in our garden so one of our neighbours is probably cursing his failed crop about now.

Unable to find where the genus Anasa gets it’s name, other than that there are ten species of which this one is perhaps the least loved … hence, I infer, the species name of tristis meaning ‘sad’. You’d be sad if everyone wanted to squash you.


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