Arboretum addendum – with audio

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Arboretum addendum – with audio

While walking the Orange trail yesterday (see the previous post here for details and photographs) I was experimenting with recording bird songs using my iPhone and the Røde audio recording app. In the summer months there are lots of Red-eyed Vireos singing in the forest and I turned the microphone on what I thought was one just off the trail (I never saw it) and got a good, clear recording with frog croak accompaniment from around the mid point when I turned up the gain on the microphone. Listening to the recording later though something didn’t sound quite right for the assumed Red-eye so after some thinking and comparing online songs of various Vireos I thought perhaps this might be the rather less common Philadelphia Vireo.

I passed the sound file and my thinking across to a friend who has stupendously accurate ears for bird song … and he agreed, Philadelphia Vireo.  What’s more just about the first in the Montreal area for this year according to eBird.

A good year tick for the arbo … here’s the recording I made. Something for you to listen out for when next in the arbo.

Note: The point of this post is not to demonstrate the song of the Philadelphia Vireo which anyone can find dozens of better recordings of elsewhere on the internet – rather it is to demonstrate how easy it is to record bird song (for later identification) using the smartphones most of us carry in our pockets. I have been very surprised at how good the results are and plan to do this more often when puzzled about a song I hear.

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