And so we continue with the garden moth list.

Here is a small garden moth photographed earlier this morning. It has all the field marks of being an “Owlet”, a group of moths that are (quoting from the moth manual that Amazon finally got to my door) a diverse assemblage of small noctuid moths that inhabit woodland fields and gardens.

But which one? Birders have a “diverse assemblage” commonly known as little brown jobs and it would seem that moths are similarly inclined. If ever I saw an insect LBJ then this is it! It seems to be remiscent of the Common arugisa … were it not for the fact that the two spots on the wings here are cream coloured whereas in that species they should be dark. Clearly moth ID is a tricky business. Searching other references, paper and internet, has not got me any closer … I shall continue. An interesting challenge … unless anyone reading this has a clearer idea?