An inadvertent addition to the patch list

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An inadvertent addition to the patch list

We took a riverside stroll this morning at Cap-St-Jacques and came back with a nice collection of birds seen – including a couple of Great Egrets, one lying close overhead and one on shore of Ile Bizard across the river from us. Now I am certain that I have seen those earlier this year on the patch and so I was most surprised on entering the sighting in eBird to discover that seen before, or not, I had not reported their presence (or am somehow imagining an earlier sighting) and so we now are up to species #122 for the patch this year. That’s a nice surprise.

2014-07-30_ 1

The riverside at Cap-St-Jacques has a pleasant and well maintained trail along a high bank that falls off to the river. The bank is quite shrubby and unkempt, just the sort of habitat a lot of birds like, especially if it is adjacent to a river full of hatching insects. A god number of Yellow Warblers and many, many Song Sparrows handing us off from one to the other as we passed through successive overlapping territories. Several Catbirds, some Common Terns and plenty of assorted Swallows out over the river and all the usual birds you would expect in late July.

The botanist of the party found a couple of interesting flowers for the digital collection – once identified they will be appearing elsewhere with full details.

2014-07-30_ 7

2014-07-30_ 3

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