Being of sound mind, I am firmly in the remain camp with regard to the recent “discussion” over England and the EU (I leave Scotland out of this for now as they are clearly of sound mind too) but I can see that some think otherwise. I can almost accept that the outers won, if only because they believed the tosh they were served up by Farage, Boris et al.

What drives me insane, however, is the sheer and utter amateurishness of the way this has been handled. Right from the start it was not necessary to have the referendum other than to get Cameron’s party a win at the last general election. But really, now there has been a decision why is it that neither side seem to have a plan for what to do next. It is fundamental to any such venture that you have an idea of what happens next whether you win or lose.

Bloody amateurs, the lot of them, both sides.

Time for a very rapid general election.