The majority of material in these pages consists of journal entries related to interesting experiences about wildlifing, mostly while out birding. We concentrate on an extended patch centred on the west island of Montreal but life sometimes takes us elsewhere and should we happen across things we want to record they will be added here too. Just occasionally other short posts deal with matters totally unrelated to birding and wildlifing because we find them interesting and hope our readers will do so as well.

The Journal entries are all on the Home page

You might also enjoy visiting these associated sites:


The Sparroworks Wildlife Co.
This hosts the journal entries prior to Christmas of 2016 when it was transferred to this domain. It is also where you can discover and download a small collection of, mostly free, guidebooks to finding birds in and around Montreal.

The Occasional Sparrowork – a collection of our best photography.

Gardening with Wildlife
A weekly journal about experiences creating a suburban garden that attracts wildlife. We started this site for our own records and because we give talks about wildlife gardening and often are asked for help and suggestions. Follow us through the seasons.