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A Scoop of Scaup


A bit to the east of us and on the southern shore of Montreal Island is Vallois Bay.  It is overlooked by expensive houses and tall apartment blocks but each fall it shelters large rafts of migrating waterfowl.  Yesterday, I was told there were about 3000 birds on the water and so decided to take a look for myself.

Only partially a good decision.  Yesterday the American mid-west had tornadoes caused by a fast moving cold front and the front reached us overnight so the winds were rather stronger than usual.  When I got to the bay it was grey and covered with high waves and white-caps moving at high speed.  Diligent searching found a small group of 800 or maybe 1000 mostly Scaup with the occasional Common Goldeneye mixed in that were sheltering up against one of the headlands of the bay. Only a duck could have avoided being sea-sick out there but they seemed quite content to be riding things out.  The up and down motion made getting sharp photos extraordinarily tricky but I managed about one in ten being usable and also captured a short video to give you an idea of the conditions the birds were enjoying … here goes, starting with the video:



2013-11-18_ 34 - Version 2 2013-11-18_ 36 2013-11-18_ 40

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