A “Garden in the Forest” – Part 2

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A “Garden in the Forest” – Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, we posted here about the volunteer creation of the wildlife feeding “Garden in the Forest” at the Arboretum – you can read it here: to find out what it’s about.

Time for an update. All the trees, bushes and shrubs are now planted and the site has been thoroughly dug over to try to get rid of big, thuggish weeds and ferns. Needless to say, that’s a vain hope but at least for now they are under control. Currently we are spreading a thick layer of well-matured wood-chipping mulch over the site and have got about 40% of the area completed. There is a blattering rain coming the next couple of days but we still hope to have got the worst of the job done by the end of the week … that’s probably another bit of vain hope, but you have to keep feeling positive.

All of this being written to say that if anyone with a shovel would care to lend us an hour or two of their time on Wednesday and Thursday mornings it would be a huge contribution to completing this exciting project before the real summer heat starts to hit. Bring your shovel to the site, just in front of the sugar shack, either morning at about 9:30 am and we’ll soon complete the job. NOTE: should there be any reason to postpone this we will publish a note on the Friends of the Morgan Arboretum Facebook page late on Tuesday afternoon..

If you haven’t seen the Garden in the Forest yet, here are some pictures of where things stand today … later we will create a perimtere path around the garden and a low fence will be installed to keep dogs and small people from trampling the bushes.

Southern end of garden – mulching completed

A “stumpery” of decaying logs that will provide grubs for birds and other wildlife

Northern end of Garden with on-going weeding – mulch not yet applied

Pagoda Dogwood blossoms – berries for birds will follow in early summer

View from the Garden to the southern end of the birch trail

Winterberry bush – several of these have been planted and will grow into berry festooned six foot bushes in a few years

Looking north

American black cherry tree … the next generation will enjoy this 60 foot tree covered in fruit for the birds. It has some growing to do yet, but already has blossom forming.

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