Out in the garden checking the lilies for lily beetles (aka. red devils) we happened upon this curious looking insect. As you will see from the photograph it is clearly a lepidopteran but a very strange one indeed. hanging as it was under e lily leaf with its wings seemingly rolled up and quite immobile I at first took for an ex-insect – until it flew off when blown upon.

So what was it? A bit of research established that this is a Pterophorid, or Plume Moth – a quite large group most of which are agricultural pests as their larvae burrow in the roots of plants. I thought it might be an Artichoke Plume Moth but my friend Chris, who is a an entomologist by profession, tells me that t’s a Rose Plume Moth (Cnaemidophorus rhododactyla) rather tricky these insects as there are several very similar species and these seem to be the sort of insects that you need a microscope to get down to species level.  There is more, if interested at http://goo.gl/1hX0jF

Anyway – jolly interesting. Critters are interesting.