A sense of proportion is needed today

//A sense of proportion is needed today

A sense of proportion is needed today

What happened yesterday in Paris was unforgivable.


Despite what the countless unthinking hate-mongers are splashing all over social media this morning and “below the line” on newspaper websites the atrocities were not committed by “Muslims” or by “Refugees” or some other too easily targeted ethnic or regional group that is not white caucasian.

Yes it seems they were probably arabs and undoubtedly muslims … in other words, exactly the people that all those desperate refugees are trying to get away from.

All ethnicities, all religions (yes, even western christendom – do you remember the bombs that Irish catholics and protestants were using against each other just a few years ago?) have their deluded and nasty people who think the bomb and the gun are the answer to everything. But they are a tiny minority and it is up to us in the privileged nations of the world to show the refugees and also the muslims etc who were born in our countries and are “just like us” in all except a matter of faith, that we value them and will help them. Do you really believe that the immigrant you work beside every day and share jokes with, who shows you pictures of his kids and follows the same sports as you do is really a terrorist in disguise just because of Paris? It it even slightly conceivable that the thousands pouring across Europe at the moment are there for any reason other than the obvious one that they have no option? You would do the same in their circumstances.

Let’s not go down the wrong path in our response – looking for easy scapegoats was the way the Nazis started and look where that got us.

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