2015 … a change of pace

//2015 … a change of pace

2015 … a change of pace

I have decided not to set myself any special challenges this year other than to get the Flanders Fields-like wasteland that is the garden, after the pre-Christmas replacement of the septic tank, back to some semblance of order. This is an opportunity to make some changes and try to end up with a garden that attracts even more birds than it has before … and as it was already very successful at that I think I have challenge enough there.

A calm start to the year with snow flurries, a cold wind, a promised dump for the weekend ahead and the regular birds turning up to the feeders. I think the first bird of the year was probably a Black Capped Chickadee, though as I was making tea at the time I didn’t have my attention fully on it.

Birding and butterflying and flowering etc will continue as ever and I think the local theme will be continued. I will probably aim to fill in some gaps and tick off species that I shoould have had in 2014 but somehow missed (or they missed me?).

Watch this space as the year progresses.

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