A hot and steamy day, but last night we noticed duck along the river so this morning I set off to the end of our road to see what was about.

Nota  great deal was the answer.  This is the Labour Day weekend and the river is full of people in fast boats zipping back and forth and people in slow boats fishing and so most water birds have taken themselves off to sit the day out somewhere else.  Nevertheless, there were a few birds to be seen and they gave me a chance to practice some of my long-lens photography techniques.

Before I get to the birds, one of the fishing boats got itself stuck on the rocks of a shallow, but fast, set of rapids just above the St-Anne locks.  The idiot got out and waded around to push the boat off.  No life jacket and very fast water.  I could have been watching a drowning there but fortunately he managed to stay upright.

Anyway – birds.  There were Cormorants, plenty of Ring-billed Gulls, a couple of Herons and three or four Great Egrets.  A killdeer zipped past at one point.  I await the ducks’ return.

Some of the photographs were taken at extreme range – but you will be bale to tell that yourselves. I have put them into a gallery – clicking on any of the thumbnails below opens a slide show at that particular image.