120 up

As previously reported, things are rather hot and doldrummy at the moment with bird activity being spotty at best so when we went for a stroll down to the lake-river shore this afternoon I didn’t expect to add a new species to the patch list for the year.

We said hello to the Purple Martins that live by the boat club ramp and watched a RB Gull with a damaged wing wandering across the grass and than skirted a huge collection of about 40+ Canada Geese that have been pooping all over the lakeshore grass most of the summer when my eye was caught by the sight of a very Ternish sort of bird swooping over the water – and indeed it was a Common Tern and #120 for this year’s patch list.

I hadn’t gone chasing after these as I reckoned I could pick one up at Anse-à-l’Orme any time I was passing so this was a nice addition after a couple of quiet weeks.

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