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Greenbirding …

Observations on Wildlife, Wildlifing and Conservation together with selected plant, wildlife and landscape Photographs
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An eclectic collection of observations on things that are of interest to many of us … my  principal aim being to share a few of life’s pleasures. These often relate to the visual arts, wildlife in general, butterflies and moths, birds (especially birds), some digital botanising with my in-house botanist (check out The Digital Botanist), walking around and taking notice of the passing world.

The Greenbirder is …
Richard Gregson, repurposed/retired biologist (PhD MPhil CBiol FRSB) once from England but now properly Canadian, past-President of Bird Protection Quebec.

Happy to answer all your questions on biological matters.

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And “Greenbirding” is? Simply the pleasant practice of going out to observe nature sans internal combustion engine. Greenbirders walk, cycle, occasionally paddle … but don’t drive. It’s partly because reducing GHG emissions is a good thing, but also because by slowing down and wandering on your home patch you simple see and enjoy and experience nature better.
There’s a book if you wish to know more …


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Recent Journal Entries

2202, 2018

Parson Spider

A new member of the menagerie - coming into the kitchen last night and putting the light on scared the daylights out of a small but smart spider [...]


The Sparroworks Wildlife Co.
A small collection of, predominantly free, guidebooks about finding birds in and around Montreal plus some related topics.Two new titles will be published shortly.

Some selected photographs interestingly displayed

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A weekly journal about experiences creating a suburban garden that attracts wildlife.
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