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GreenBirding has three themes:

If you haven't tried your feet at GreenBirding before why not leave the car at home one day and give it a try?  Ease yourself into the idea a bit at a time. We can all contribute to doing something for the planet, the climat and so for birds. 

Check the other sections of this website for ideas on how to become a GreenBirder.

  • Green Listing

Keeping annual and life lists of birds seen near where we live/work without resorting to the internal combustion engine.  It's remarkable how long your patch list can be if you spend time working on it - most people find it surprising how many birds, good birds too, are just outside their doors, if they stop and look,

  • Patch birding in depth

Encouraging people to get to know what is under their noses, studying birds throughout the year and collecting data for citizen science enterprises such as eBird.  Getting to really know and understand the birds that live where you live is fascinating and important.

  • Conservation

Working to conserve bird habitats and crating spaces in the world for birds to live.  Because GreenBirders know their local patches they can be the first to take steps to preserve them from threats and development.

BIGBY is a handy acronym derived from Big Green Big Year that was floated by a group of Montreal birders in 2008.  Language shifts and already it has become simply a widely used shorthand word for GreenBirding in all its shapes. This site promotes what a British birder recently called “carbonless twitching”.  By spreading the idea of greenbirding we hope to draw others into the fold.

GreenBirders (Bigbyists) have found that, despite some initial scepticism, there is a lot more fascinating birding (and wildlife watching in general) to be done on our own doorsteps than many of us had suspected. We so easily overlook what is under our noses while we were heading over the hills and far away in a cloud of exhaust fumes.

We are realists. By itself local, carbon-neutral birding will not solve the planet's climate problems but it serves to focus us on something practical that we can all do to help and reminds us of our responsibilities. It has unveiled a wealth of unsuspectedly good birding on our home patches ... in at least fifteen different countries and on five continents that we know of.

GreenBirding is NOT a membership organisation in the normal way. We don't ask any fees, nor will we do so. No fees, no pressure. By "joining" GreenBirding though you will be registering your commitment to and interest in the various activities that go to make up a GreenBirder.  Please add your name to the community. 

By sharing experiences, we can encourage each other, spread the word and draw in other birders.  Knowing that there are already many birders who think like we do will help others to join us – one day, who knows, self-powered birding will be what every birder does for most of the year.


>We have a small on-line store where you can purchase a few items with the GreenBirding logo.  bigby-mugWe will add to the items available as time passes - click the link on the menu at the left to see what is on offer.  Any small profits we make from this will help to offset the cost of maintaining this website - if we make a fortune (hah!) it will go to environmental charities.